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  • |Ci5| was formed in either 1999 or 2000. Not 100% sure. I joined in early 2000 and it had not long formed. The clan was originally called FishFingers (FF) but split into 3 clans, all playing COD. These were |Ci5|, SP (Showing Pink) and ASB (Anglo Scottish Brotherhood).

    When I joined, the original members were, 
    Myself (Known as quiksilver back then)
    Sweet Stevie (Clan Leader)
    Fuse (Jim) Amazing with the Bar, Almost as good as me 😛
    Franz (Tony)
    Frud (Rich)
    Rock (Gary)
    Carnage (Steve, amazing leading comms)
    Swiss Toni (Neil)
    Rimmer (Dan)
    Longdog (Aiden)
    Ghost (Chris)
    There might have been a few others who were on now and again but I cant remember the names. Franz might help here. But this was the core group.

    As a clan, we were almost unbeatable on Carentan and Dawnville. We were actually well known for this.

    Frud used to bring his son on to play now and again (Ash) and as we had a few applications from other under 16’s we decided to run a Junior clan and this was ok for a bit but dwindled away.

    Franz pissed on comms and charging about with his Thompson was hilarious and I wish he would come on comms now and again as hes still as funny today.

    All positions on maps had a number and everyone could play any position. We all had our favourite spots but at the start of each map Carnage would designate you a spot and his comms were impressive. His reading of the game and way of giving instructions were still the best I’ve seen.

    The first foreigner we had in the clan was Popeye (Holland). Im sure he came from Pathfinders. That was about the same time that the Irish invasion began. Hidden, Spikey, Maverick, Blankpage, Mascot and I think Squinter was the last of them. Might be wrong lol. 

    The top clans back then that we used to play were 4Kings, Leathernecks and Incredibles. 

    Ive lost count of how many members have come and gone during the last 15 years but were as strong now as weve ever been and being very well led by Missy. Long may it continue and heres to the next 15 years. 


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