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  1. CoD Warzone FPS Boost



    COD Warzone In Game BEST Recommended Settings:

    Display Mode: Fullscreen (DO NOT use any other option)
    Display Adapter: Choose the better GPU
    Render Resolution: Anything but the lower percentage the better fps and worse visual quality.
    Advanced: Anything but the lower the better fps and worse visual quality.
    Aspect Ratio: Automatic
    V-Sync: Disabled
    Custom Framerate Limit: Unlimited
    NVIDIA Highlights: Disabled is recommended (Unless you use it for recording  clips)

    Texture Resolution: Very Low
    Texture Filter Anisotrophic: Low
    Particle Quality: Low
    Bullet Impact & Sprays: Disabled
    Tessellation: Disabled

    Shadow Map Resolution: Low
    Cache Spot Shadows: Enabled, test with it and see what gets u better performance.
    Cache Sun Shadows: Enabled, test with it and see what gets u better performance.
    Particle Lighting: Low
    DirectX Raytracing: Disabled
    Ambient Occlusion: Disabled

    Anti-Aliasing: Off
    Depth Of Field: Disabled
    World Motion Blur: Disabled
    Weapon Motion Blur: Disabled
    Film Grain: ZERO

    DISABLE Mouse Smoothing in the "KEYBOARD & MOUSE" Tab!


  2. Process Lasso 64



    Process Lasso

    Process Lasso is Windows process automation and optimization software. From tuning algorithms like ProBalance to user-created rules and persistent settings such as CPU affinities and priority classes, Process Lasso enables full control over running applications!

    Our famous ProBalance algorithm maintains system responsiveness during high CPU loads. This proprietary algorithm dynamically adjusts the priorities of running programs to keep problematic background processes in check. With ProBalance, no longer will single, or multiple, processes be able to bring your system to a virtual stall. Process Lasso will let you keep interacting with your computer, even when it is under a heavy CPU load. Try our CPUEater Demo to experience ProBalance for yourself.

    Process Lasso also allows users to automate and tweak how applications are run through a number of unique and helpful functions. These include persistent priority classes, persistent CPU affinities, disallowed processes, per-process power profiles, a process watchdog for advanced rules, process instance count limits, multiple instance balancing and much more! These features give you the ability to control how programs utilize your computer’s resources based on automatically applied settings. With Process Lasso, you can decide exactly how you want your processes to run.

    Process Lasso is the ultimate Windows CPU affinity changer. The CPU affinity specifies the set of CPU cores an application is able to execute on. With Process Lasso, you can control this with a persistent setting that applies every time the application is run, or change it dynamically while the application is running once a threshold is met. The CPU affinity is commonly changed to limit CPU use or improve performance.

    Many additional functions such as power plan automation, a system responsiveness metric and process activity logging are also available.

    For minimal resource use, all algorithms and process rules are enforced by a stand-alone background service called the Process Governor. The GUI is entirely optional.



    Feature Highlights

    Persist CPU affinities, priorities and more

    ProBalance priority optimization

    Proprietary responsiveness metric

    Rules to act on processes when thresholds exceeded

    Limit process CPU use

    Automate power plan switching

    Disable Hyper-Threading/SMT per-process

    Balance multiple instances

    Limit instances of applications

    Disallow processes from running

    Keep processes running (auto-restart)

    CPU affinity changer

    Keep PC awake

    Processor Group Extension

    Native C++ for maximum efficiency

    Stand-alone background service applies rules




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